do i have a lawsuit?

     Most of the time, Erb's Palsy is the result of poor care. The immediate cause of the injury is excessive force during the delivery, but there may be malpractice in failing to anticipate a difficult delivery, failing to monitor and control the mother's blood sugar levels, hyperstimulating the labor with drugs, failing to consider or offer a cesarean section, failing to recognize that a very big baby was coming, failing to properly perform the maneuvers above when shoulder dystocia is encountered, failing to recognize a pelvis that may be too small or odd-shaped to allow an uncomplicated birth, failing to conduct routine "shoulder dystocia drills" to train to handle the problem when it occurs, failing to promptly diagnose and intercede after the baby is born, or many other causes.   

      The only way to assess whether there is a case or not, is to do a careful review and analysis of the mother's and baby's pre-natal, delivery, and newborn records.